For Referring Lawyers

Lawyers Nationwide regularly refer and associate Trent Speckhals and Speckhals Law on their serious Plaintiff’s Medication Error cases. We have considerable experience in dealing with all types of Medication Error cases. Whether the case involves Pharmacy Malpractice, such as when a pharmacy gives a patient the wrong medication, or Medical Malpractice, such as when a doctor prescribes the wrong dose or a hospital or nurse gives the wrong medicine, we have a strong track record of success.

We are honored that other lawyers and a law firms entrust the care of their client to us. The service your clients receive is a reflection on you and your practice, so we know how important it is to take that responsibility seriously.

At Speckhals Law, P.C. your clients will receive the highest level of attention, dedication, and professionalism that all of our referring attorneys have come to expect over the years.

We value these relationships, and we have worked with lawyers from across the country on their plaintiff’s cases. We offer flexible referral arrangements that fit the circumstances of the particular case.

Let us put our expertise at the disposal of your clients to work toward a fair and timely resolution. You can rest assured that you are placing your clients in good hands. We will arrange a fair fee agreement with you, even if you decide not to stay involved in the case. When you refer a case to us, your level of involvement is entirely up to you.

If you or your firm would like to discuss a potential case, please call Trent Speckhals at 877-781-7080 or 770-457-9222. Or if you prefer, contact Trent directly by filling out this form here.